The Dark Warrior

The Dark Warrior

The young woman with the radiant smile weaved her way around the tavern. Gorgeous blonde curls bouncing around her face. She seemed to be perpetual motion and she danced her way from one soldier to the next, all vying for her attention. But if anyone were to have paused for a moment, they would have noticed the glorious woman was a little out of focus. And if anyone had paused to think, they would have realized they wouldn’t be able to tell you what color her eyes were. But the noise, movement, andbooze protected her from such scrutiny.
The clock ticked it’s way to 2, then 3am. Slowly, inebriated soldiers made their way back to their barracks, dreading the morning hangover. The luminous lovely pranced from table to table, rousing soldiers who couldn’t hold their liquor and sending them on their way.

A quarter to four and all was quiet. The woman finally held still. The shimmering facade tremored and faded. Leaving in it’s place long, brown hair and eyes as black as coal. Creamy skin on her face with a white jagged scar curled from her chin, across her nose and up her forehead, dividing the two halves of her face.

A cold, cruel smile split the pale face. Finally she had the information she had waited so long for. After years of waiting, she was ready. and now they were stepping right into her trap. She had been spreading rumors for some time about sightings of the enemy if the state. Now the queen was mobilizing and taking her men directly into her trap.

She slipped out the back door of the tavern, unnoticed. Her dark figure slumped in the darkness to avoid detection as she crossed the short distance to the edge of the trees. Once undercover she straightened to her full imposing height. She strode confidently through the woods to her tent. She heard a rustle of leaves next to her. Without breaking stride she made a 180 degree and grabbed the man by the collar.

His eyes widened and then he relaxed. He should have been expecting that. He quickly gave his report on the happenings around the camp and relaxed completely as she released him. Giving bad news was never that pleasant. A small thin smile formed on her scarred face. It was time.