Sacrifice and Other Short Fantasy Stories

A compilation of three short fantasy stories, this book will take you for an emotional journey.


“I’ll be honest with you, General Cyrillus. Something is horribly wrong. Tryraea has never been left with so few guards before. Why would the king leave the city so vulnerable?” Ernaline has never been normal, but only now does she realize the importance of her species.

Thin Chains

“Here she was in an elegant sweeping dress, leaving her shoulders bare. Bare, except for an elegant lacing of delicate silver chains. The jewelry seemed to have no end from her neck, wrapping her shoulders and curling their way down to her her forearms.” A young woman faced with choices, trapped in a world she thought was safe, but not trapped the way you would expect.


“The Queen reached out her hand and ever so lightly touched her face. Lightning exploded in Nessa’s mind. She recoiled and threw herself to the ground. A searing heat burned from the right corner of her hairline, down her nose, to the left side of her jawbone in a jagged line. She squeezed her eyes closed as she pressed the unburned part of her forehead to the ground in an effort to lessen the pain.” Nightmares regularly plague Nessa. Only Nessa’s nightmares are memories of the past. Will her past destroy any chance she has of a future?

Content Announcement: No adult language or scenes.

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