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What is a “Weirdie”

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A few months ago, I realized that my nearly two year old blog had outgrown the original intent. It’s name didn’t fit anymore the way a 2-year old tries to squish into an 18-month old dress up outfit. I loved where it was headed, but […]

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Find Stuff by Fandom

Check out my articles organized by Fandom Fandoms Anime Naruto Naruto Cosplay Ideas Naruto Fandom (Check back for content) Naruto Fanfic (Check back for content) Pokemon Pokemon Cosplay Ideas Pokemon Fandom Pokemon Fanfic (Check back for content) Comics DC Comics DC Comics Cosplay DC Comics […]

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Find Cosplay How To’s

Check out Full Cosplay How To’s Everyday cosplay Look at the cosplays by category Original Characters Anime Naruto Cosplay Ideas  Pokemon Cosplay Ideas Comics DC Comics Cosplay Marvel Comics Cosplays (Coming Soon) Disney Disney Cosplay Ideas Fantasy/Scifi Doctor Who Cosplay Ideas Harry Potter Cosplay Ideas […]

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The Sorting Disaster – Harry Potter Fanfic

Hettie had waited eleven years to go to Hogwarts and be sorted into her family house, Slytherin. But Hettie soon finds out unexpected things can happen when the magical sorting hat is involved. Chapter 1 Hettie stood in the crowd of other first years, waiting […]

Harry Potter Fanfic Writing
0 8 min 11 mths

Small Business Saturday – 2020 Edition

2020 has been rough for everyone, but no one more than the small business owner. As you are shopping for the holidays this year, please remember to make every dollar count by getting your loved ones a personalized present that supports a small business. Artists […]

Crafts Spotlights
0 3 min 12 mths

Relatable Quotes – Happy Birthday Space Mom!

Yesterday would have been her 64th birthday. If she hadn’t left us too soon. But she left a legacy that is powerful. On December 27, 2016 the world lost the woman who brought us Princess Leia. Honestly, I didn’t follow much of her other work […]

Star Wars Star Wars Fandom
0 6 min 1 yr

Operation: Birthday Rescue When I discovered that covid would indeed keep me from my niece on her 3rd birthday I was devastated. I live 1300 miles away, but I have always managed to visit a few times a year. Now it has been almost a year since […]

0 1 min 1 yr

Who is the woman? – Very Short Story

The tight feeling spiraled in my chest and I gasped for breath. My vision tunneled and I doubled over grasping for anything to sit on before the panic completely overtook me. In what blurry vision I had left I saw a woman materialize. She saw […]

Short Stories
0 5 min 1 yr

Weirdie Spotlight – Author Michelle L. Casto

I met this great weirdie on a Facebook group and joined hers (link below if you want to join us). She is so positive and has a rest view on life. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have. ISO: HI, […]

Author Spotlights
0 18 min 1 yr

Weirdie Spotlight – Arron

I met this character in another world, theater specifically. We really hit it off when we realized we were both geeks.  He is a great person and I really hope you enjoy getting to know him! ISO: HI, WHAT IS YOUR NAME? A: Arron (yeah, it’s […]

Cosplayer Spotlights
0 10 min 2 yrs

Weirdie Spotlight – Director Emma Dark

I am super honored today to have an award-winning film maker, weirdie, and awesome creative today. Her experiences are super unique and intriguing. I hope you get to know her as much as I did.  ISO: HI, WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Emma Dark ISO: Tell us a […]

0 7 min 2 yrs

Cancellation Con 2020 – A Review

Have you ever planned a 3 day, 24 hour online event with 180 vendors, over 30 panels? How about an event that 463 people said “going” on the Facebook Event with 791 other people marked interested? Let’s add a Discord group with over 300 people […]

0 9 min 2 yrs

Weirdie Spotlight – Photographer David B

I am so thrilled to have another cosplay photographer/cosplayer with us today! I greatly enjoyed getting to know them and I hope you do too! ISO: HI, WHAT IS YOUR NAME? DB:David B or @bydeebee on Instagram ISO: What is your favorite beverage? DB:Craft Beer ISO: Who are […]

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